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Create, compose, improvise and perform with the 20 songs in Music Music-Maker. Each song introduces new skills and elements of music through singing and playing instruments together. 

Enjoy many musical styles, from the classical Pachelbel's Canon, with lyrics to sing and variations to play, to Blues, Rock & Roll and Bossa nova. Seeing 6- to 12-year-olds play sophisticated music like this will blow the socks off parents and the rest of the staff as well. 

Build music bit by bit with pieces that grow into four-part harmony. 'We are the Team' and 'Music Machine' create a studio atmosphere in which you add melody, harmony, bass line and rhythm track by track. Young children really can do this. Older pupils will benefit even more from this acoustic experience before they go digital!

Reading from their own books is a key part of this experience. Pupils love the novelty of following a score backwards and upside down in 'Four Way Traffic' and 'Somersaulting' and reading 'Around the Page' or 'Spiralling' from the outside to the centre.

Pupil books reveal new ideas on every page. 'Fishy Scales' gives children the means to create their own music, using note patterns that even you, as a teacher, may not have considered. And Music-Maker Teacher will ensure you are fully equipped to make the most of each lesson.

Buy a Class Set of 30 Class Music books and get Music-Maker Teacher FREE! Fully equip yourself and your class so you are ready to make music like you've never done before!

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30 x Music-Maker ISBN 1 871210 59 0
by David and Christa Liggins, Ocarina Workshop Publications, 2020
A5 / 32 colour pages / 20 tunes with ocarina fingercharts, musical stave, words to songs, guitar chords
Suitable for age 6 to adult

FREE Music-Maker Teacher ISBN 978 1 871210 60 6 (with CD)
written by David and Christa Liggins, Ocarina Workshop Publications, 2020 
64 pages, A4 format, black & white
20 songs with musical stave, piano accompaniments, words, guitar chords includes teaching tips, ideas for including percussion and other instruments

CD performance and backing tracks: 40 tracks, 63 minutes

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