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Choose any 'Play your Ocarina' music book titles in mixed quantities for great savings!

Play your Ocarina music books guarantee immediate success and rapid progress.

Well-known tunes are clearly presented in ocarina-shaped charts called Oc-pix™ and ocarina tablature known as Oc-box™, side-by-side with traditional music notation. These musical notations encourage reading skills with young children, and help anyone to find the notes and play tunes fluently right from the start.

Book 1 is the recommended starting point for all first-time ocarina-players
Book 2 has folk songs and dance tunes from around the world
Book 3 has optional harmonies throughout – great for duet or groups performances
Book 4 is full of showy solos and group items for more accomplished ocarina-players
Songs of Praise has a wonderful mix of songs that are great for school assemblies
Carols has Christmas songs at all levels, ideal for solo or group carolling

A CD Edition of each book is also available –
see the Multi-buy Book + CD Discounts.

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Choose any quantity and combination of Play your Ocarina books from this list.
Read about them all here:

Play your Ocarina Book 1, Starting Off
ISBN 1 871210 04 6 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 2, Moving On
ISBN 1 871210 05 4 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 3, Going for it
ISBN 1 871210 06 2 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 4, Finishing Touches
ISBN 1 871210 07 0 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Carols, to play and sing
ISBN 1 871210 09 7 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina – Songs of Praise
ISBN 1 871210 19 4 (without CD)

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