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Become an 'Ocarina Composer' with Music Code-Cracker, Music Music-Maker and a 4-hole Oc®

Crack musical codes and get creative with these two perfectly matched books, which start simply and guide you to make great music.

As you play these 40 tunes, you will discover harmony, melody and rhythms galore, and find out how to put music together, just like a great composer. 

Music Code-Cracker provides ready-to-play tunes, each with a new challenge. Be inspired to make up your own signature tune; put your name into morse code or the NATO phonetic alphabet; turn numbers and pictures into tunes. Get creative with mirror music, jigsaws, mosaics and symphonic themes to play and sing – this will become your "go to" book for music-making ideas.

Music Music-Maker has all the "nuts and bolts" of music. 'Music Maker' and 'Music Machine' build 4-part harmony with singing and playing, whilst 'It's Summertime' (Brazilian beachand 'Cuckoo Clock' (Swiss precision) show how music and lyrics can paint pictures and create moods.

These CDs have a total of 82 CD tracks from 'We are the Team', 'Doo Wah' and 'Rainy Day Blues' all the way through to the 'Sausage Song' – a tune that even the great virtuoso violinist, Paganini, loved. 

Adventurous Music-Making books are presented so that young children can enjoy their content and succeed musically, whilst music maestros will enjoy finding something new, to unlock more musicianship. The one-octave tunes can be played on most instruments, and are pitched within a happy singing range for all.

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4-hole Oc® made in the UK for Ocarina Workshop from impact-resistant plastic.
Plays notes D to D'. Measures 80mm (3.25 inches).
Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
WINNER of Best Music Education Product Award 2015

Music Code-Cracker CD Edition – ISBN 1 871210 57 6  
20 tunes with fingercharts, musical stave, words to songs, guitar chords and CD
Music Code-Cracker CD – 42 tracks: 20 performances, 20 backings, 2 listening quizzes, 57 minutes

Music Music-Maker CD Edition – ISBN 1 871210 59 0 
21 tunes with fingercharts, musical stave, words to songs, guitar chords and CD
Music Music-Maker CD – 40 tracks: 20 performances and 20 backings, 63 minutes

Ocarina Composer is for all ages from 5 to adult

Music Code-Cracker

Music Music-Maker

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