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The 4-hole Oc is a durable, squeak-free, UK-made instrument – ideal for beginners of all ages.

Beginners will be ready to attempt the simpler Carols in this carefully graded collection after just a few weeks of playing and there are plenty of opportunities for 6-hole ocarina-players to use their thumbs. As with all our books, alternative notes are given for 4-hole Oc players, making this suitable for all.

Play Your Ocarina Carols offers the best of Christmas carolling for you to share with family and friends. Keep traditional Carols alive by singing and playing this collection each Christmas. The optional CD is a joy to listen to and to accompany singing and playing.

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4-hole Oc® made in the UK for Ocarina Workshop from impact-resistant plastic.
Plays notes D to D'. Measures 80mm (3.25 inches).
Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
WINNER of Best Music Education Product Award 2015

Play your Ocarina Carols, to play and sing ISBN 1 871210 09 7 (without CD)
by David and Christa Liggins, Ocarina Workshop Publications, 1994 / 2006
32 pages / 27 carols with words, ocarina fingercharts, musical stave, guitar chords

This book is available with accompanying audio CD.

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