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'1-2-3 Ocarina' is for musical beginners of any age. It teaches the first 10 Ocarina notes together with the notation and rhythm on the music stave.

Book 1 'Starting Off' builds a firm musical foundation and helps children play familiar tunes straight away by reading Ocarina Charts.

'Ocarina Carols' and 'Songs of Praise' offer songs for festivals and assemblies at all times of the year for all levels of player, even beginners.

Book 2 'Moving On' provides new challenges, new skills and great tunes from around the world.

Book 3 'Going for it' builds the ocarina-player's confidence in playing some more advanced, longer pieces as well as tackling harmony playing.

Book 4 requires a 6-hole Oc to add those 'Finishing Touches'.

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Choose any title of Play your Ocarina books from this list.
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1-2-3 Ocarina
ISBN 978 1 871210 39 2 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 1, Starting Off
ISBN 1 871210 04 6 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 2, Moving On
ISBN 1 871210 05 4 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 3, Going for it
ISBN 1 871210 06 2 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 4, Finishing Touches
ISBN 1 871210 07 0 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Carols, to play and sing
ISBN 1 871210 09 7 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina – Songs of Praise
ISBN 1 871210 19 4 (without CD)

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