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These NEW Adventurous Music-Making books lead you to great musical learning and exploration.

Music Zero-to-Hero is a brand new starter book for new ocarina players. The notes are introduced simply, one at a time with supportive backings, and build up to performable pieces over 20 songs.

Music World-Explorer visits every continent and travels around the Pacific Ring of Fire with songs from each location, all playable on 4-hole Oc® and other instruments – and for voices too.

Music Time-Traveller covers 42,050 years of history with well-researched pieces and authentic instrumentation. This is a must for playing music through the ages on ocarinas and other instruments – and for singing too.

Music Zero-to-Hero From Beginner to Music-maestro
Music World-Explorer Around the world in 20 Songs
Music Time-Traveller Play from Stone Age to Space Age
Music Code-Cracker coming soon
Music Music-Maker coming soon
1-2-3 Ocarina is for beginners of any age, teaching the notes on the stave

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Adventurous Music-Making Music Zero-to-Hero CD Edition
ISBN 1 871210 51  – Music World-Explorer CD has 42 tracks, 21 performance tracks and 21 backings

Adventurous Music-Making Music World-Explorer CD Edition
ISBN 1 871210 53 8  – Music World-Explorer CD has 42 tracks, 21 performance tracks and 21 backings

Adventurous Music-Making Music Time-Traveller CD Edition
ISBN 1 871210 55 2 – Music Time-Traveller CD has 44 tracks, 22 performance tracks and 22 backings

Adventuorus Music Making Music Code-Cracker CD Edition
Coming Soon

Adventurous Music-Making Music Music Maker CD Edition
Coming Soon

1-2-3 Ocarina
ISBN 978 1 871210 38 5 – 1-2-3 Ocarina CD has 31 tracks (59 minutes)

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